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How long will it take me to get my black belt?

We usually say it's not the destination you should be focused on but the journey instead. Depending on what age you start, it takes around 4-5 years but can take shorter or longer. Many factors go into this process. Remember the belt merely holds your uniform together. The knowledge and skill acquired are the most important things you should take from any martial arts instruction.

Black Belt List

This list shows the highest rank achieved. Does not denote the style in which the rank is held at this point. Last updated on January 10, 2022.

Judan - 10th Degree Black Belt
Rudy Duncan
Hachidan - 8th Degree Black Belt
Jesse Dwire
Shichidan - 7th Degree Black Belt
Darryl Hinthorne
Rokudan - 6th Degree Black Belt
Ken Swan
Ed Peck
Godan - 5th Degree Black Belt
Paul Castagno
Bruno Daniele
Paul Darrigo
Kevin Kennedy
Peter O'Brien
Robert Sack
Brian Marshall
Yondan - 4th Degree Black Belt
Ron Broughton
Adam Sheldon
Raymond Yackel
Gretchen Rauch
Fred Cohn
Mark Gelardo
Sharon Reboy
Sandan - 3rd Degree Black Belt
Nick Reyes
Brian Stachowski
Monty Flynn
"Tiger" Joe Sheuer
Bill Elsner
Robert Diamond
Eric Mitich
Isaac Blanchette
Nidan - 2nd Degree Black Belt
Rick Poy
Adrian Healy
Jay Coates
Adrian Healy
Jay Coates
Paul Avery
Tom Michlovich
Joshua Reboy
Colleen Mitich
Ben Cleaver
Christopher Monin
Bailey Marshall
Ric Williams
Sherry Richman
Keith Rupert
Mignon Winger
Joshua Krog
David Rowley
Jasper Swiezy
Eric Rodriguez
Scott Parody
Kerland Ritchie
Jay Santiago
David Clark
Shodan - 1st Degree Black Belt
Stacey French
Julie Stuetzle
Marisol Poy
Aaron Hamilton
Elizabeth Podgorny
Jeremy Jindra
Terron Brown
Tara Marshall
Neil Wakeman
Scott Nicastro
Marissa Scott
Faton Krasniqi
Rick Lamarre
Hannah Piper
Charles Terranova
Stephanie Martin
Jeff DiAngelo
Chris Pernisi
Andy Annesi
Kim Sladek
Dave Biachi
Florence Breslin
Ross Wakeman
Corrine Wakeman
Grant Vignaux
Bill Brown
Corey Shine
Sean Nixon
Klaus Engel
Aaron Russell
Tyler Grim
Austin Proctor
Maria Sciabarrasi
Miranda Johnson
Jr. Black Belts
Joshua Russell
Erika Roman
Casey Swan
Coral Swan
Anthony Goode
Olivia Stalker